Why Sleep Matters - The Economic Costs of Insufficient Sleep a report by the Rand Corporation. This report examines the economic burden of insufficient sleep across five different OECD countries. Taking into account the association between sleep deprivation and mortality, as well as productivity, the findings of this study suggest that insufficient sleep can result in large economic costs in terms of lost GDP. Read the full report.

Sleep and recovery: a toolkit for employers is a detailed handbook by the BITC and Public Health UK. The case studies in this toolkit have been sourced and written following consultation with experts working in the sleep sector and through the contribution of employers who are taking this topic seriously. Read the full report

Sleep Matters: The impact of sleep on health and well being is a detailed report by the Mental Health Foundation. This report identifies that sleeping poorly increases the risk of having poor mental health. In the same way that healthy diet and exercise can help to improve our mental health, so can sleep. Read the full report.

The Great British Bedtime Report by the Sleep Council is a survey of more than 5,000 people to shed more light on the nation’s sleeping habits. The second, 2017, report provides a further insight into the nation’s changing sleep habits and four years on, is a bench marking exercise against the original 2013 data. Read the full report.